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Privacy Policy & Terms Of Service 

Boxin Moving is acting as an independent Contractor for providing Goods and services which may or may not be directly performed or provided by Boxin Moving LLC. I accept and agree by booking any of Boxin MovingGoods and services or use any related goods and/or services from, I (“I”) have read, understand and agree to the Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy on

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy and Terms Of Service last updated on 3/12/2023


The Internet is an amazing tool. It has the power to change the way we live, and we’re starting to see that potential today. With only a few mouse-clicks, you can follow the news, look up facts, purchase goods and services, and communicate with others from around the world. It’s important to Boxin Moving  to help our customers retain their privacy when they take advantage of all the Internet has to offer.We believe your business is no one else’s. Your privacy is important to you and to us. So we’ll protect the information you share with us.We will ask you when we need information that personally identifies you (personal information) or allows us to contact you. Generally, this information is requested to provide you with Goods and/or Services. We won’t sell or give away your mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses or any other information to anyone without your approval.



 Boxin Moving carefully protects your data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration, or destruction. Your personal information is never shared outside the company without your permission, except under conditions explained in our Terms of Service Agreement.



 If for some reason you believe Boxin Moving has not adhered to these principles, please notify us by certified mail at: Attention Boxin Moving Management, Address: 13 Municipal Plaza Unit 1444, Bloomfield, New Jersey, 07003 and we will do our best to determine and correct the problem promptly. 



 When you contact us to book any of our services, you provide us with your personal information, including email address, phone numbers, etc. We use this information to process your service request and send you updates about your products and/or services, questionnaires to measure your satisfaction with our service and announcements about new and exciting goods and services that we offer. When you book with us, we may ask for your credit card number and billing address. We use this information only to bill you for the good(s) or service(s) you order at that time. For your convenience, we do save billing information in case you want to use us again, but we don’t use this information again without your permission. We hire independent contractors and third-party party companies to provide limited goods and/or services on our behalf, including but not limited to: other moving companies, movers, trucking companies, brokers, financial institutions answering customer questions about goods and/or services, sending postal mail and processing event registration. We will only provide those companies or contractors the information they need to deliver the good(s) and/or service(s), and they are prohibited from using that information for any other purpose. Boxin Moving will disclose your personal information, without notice, only if required to do so by law or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary to: (a) conform to the edicts of the law or comply with legal process served on Boxin Moving  or the site; (b) protect and defend the rights or property of Boxin Moving (c) act in urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of other  Customers and the public.




The Customer is responsible for reserving at least one (large commercial truck size) parking spaces, or loading/unloading docs at each location, in order for the movers to safely load and unload the items. Charges of $3.98 per minute will start, if access to a (large commercial truck size) parking space or loading/unloading dock is not available 15 minutes after Boxin Moving/Movers arrival, any clothing or small items must be properly boxed and ready to be loaded upon arrival. $150.00 per hour will be due for adding any items that are not listed on this inventory list. The customer is responsible for fully disassembling/assembling any bunk beds/cribs, shelves and any other oversize items prior to arrival, The Customer holds Boxin Moving/Movers harmless from assembling and/or disassembling any bunk beds, cribs, shelves, wall mounts and any other items on behalf of the Customer. Boxin Moving is responsible for disassembling/assembling the beds and dining tables; additional hourly charges of $150.00 per hour will be due for assembling and/or disassembling any other items. All drawers, file cabinets, refrigerators, freezers, fuel/propane tanks or any washing machines/dryers must be emptied out and detached from any walls upon arrival, in order to avoid any delay. $150 per hour will be due for any delay that was not caused by Boxin Moving. The final payment for this service including any additional charges is due on the day of the move or prior to unloading the truck. Payment for any add-ons or changes to this inventory list is due prior to starting or completing the move. A deposit is required in order to confirm the moving date. Deposits are non-refundable 24 hours from the date of the initial deposit. There's a 3.9% transaction fee for card payments. We DO NOT accept any checks payment.
Boxin Moving is not responsible for repairing or replacing any items that are packed in boxes/containers. Boxin Moving/movers will work efficiently, in order to avoid any damages while transporting any boxes/containers. The Customer is responsible for making sure that all boxes/containers are taped/sealed firmly, and ready to be moved prior to Boxin Moving/Movers arrival.
charges of $150 per hour will apply for disassembling and assembling any exercise equipment.
All Boxes (only apply to moving services) will be unloaded by the movers and placed in up to 2 storage sections of the home/apartment, at the final destination. The Customer will ensure all boxes are not overpacked and taped properly, in order to avoid any delays. Boxin Moving is not responsible for moving/placing any furniture pieces or large items that do not fit through any doorways/hallways, stairways and storage units. Packing services must be requested at least 72 hours prior to the packing date. This move may be rescheduled or delayed due to Inclement Weather or for any other reason that is beyond Boxin Moving's control.

As the shipper, I understand and agree that my shipment contains only Household Goods, and not any drugs of any kind, hazardous materials, illegal weapons or dangerous goods. I accept  all legal punishment including any fines if any such items or substances are found in my shipment. I hold Boxn Moving/Agents harmless, if any of my boxes/shipments contains any illegal substances, hazardous materials, dangerous goods,  drugs and weapons of any kind. I have also fully read, understood and agreed to Boxin Moving Terms and Conditions attached, prior to scheduling my pickup/delivery services. 

I agree to have an authorized individual available and ready to accept delivery of my items/packages, I further agree to hold Boxin Moving harmless from any loss or stolen claims, refund payments or financial institutions chargebacks and/or credit cards/payments processing companies chargebacks for leaving any  deliveries packages at any of my properties or door steps,  without an authorized individual present to accept/sign for my delivery. I understand and agree that  additional charges for moving labor, waiting time, travel and storage charges will apply, if Boxin Moving/contractors are unable to deliver my items/packages on the scheduled delivery time and date, or for any delay/damages that are beyond Boxin Moving control. The drivers/helpers are solely responsible for picking up and delivering items/packages, Boxin Moving and contractors DO NOT inspect any Boxes/items prior to any pick ups/deliveries. 



Access Fee                        A fee charged for a shipper to access their goods while in storage.                                                    

                                          Also known as a platform fee or a handling fee


Accessorial Services         Any service performed during the course of the move, other than                                                      

                                          actual transportation of the goods, e.g., packing, unpacking, appliance                                                    

                                          servicing.  Charges for these services are in addition to transportation                                               



Bill of Lading                   A formal document required by law noting clearly all services and                                                    

                                          charges associated with the contracted for move and/or storage


Breaks                               Any stoppage of the move that is in control of the mover, not the

                                          shipper, hence also known as a scheduled break, e.g. coffee                                                  

                                          break, lunch break, rest break


Break Points                      Numerical points at which the price will be less, if the goods are based                                             

                                           on the next higher unit of weight.  Usually determined by a unitized 

                                           table of weight


Bulky Goods                     Goods of unusual size and low-weight density, often requiring                                                           

                                          special accessorial servicing, with attending extra charges, e.g. boats,                                               

                                          snowmobiles, hot tubs


Certificate of Insurance     See Insurance


C.O.D.                              A cash-on-delivery payment


Consignee                        A duly authorized representative of the shipper accepting delivery


Consignor                        The person or entity which delivers the goods.  Also referred to as the                                              

                                         mover or licensee or local agent or carrier


Coverage                          The type of protection selected by the shipper for their goods, and is 

                                          not to be confused with the mandatory insurance requirements of a 

                                          licensee.  There are three types under the Act: standard valuation; 

                                          additional valuation, and insurance      


Cu. Ft.                               Cubic foot


CWT                                 Hundred Pound Weight      

Damage Claim                  A formal statement submitted to the carrier by the shipper for alleged                                                          

                                          damages to goods.                                                


Delivery Charges              A charge for the delivery of packing materials prior to the move     



Estimate                               Binding: an approximation made by the mover of the total cost of                                                     

                                              the move and/or storage, based upon a physical survey, to which the                                                  

                                              mover is bound.  A formal document required by law noting clearly                           

                                              all services to be performed and their respective charges, which is                                                      

                                              not subject to change     


                                               Non-Binding: an approximation made by the mover of the total cost                                                 

                                              of the move and/or storage, based upon a physical survey.  A formal                                                 

                                              document required by law noting clearly all services to be 

                                              performed and their respective charges, which may be subject to 




Extra Stop                            Any stop for a pickup or delivery of goods, requested by the shipper,                                                

                                             in addition to travel from point of origin to destination                                                                          



Force Majeure                     Anything beyond the control of the mover and the shipper which                                                      

                                            impedes the contracted for move and/or storage, e,g. inclement 

                                            weather, poor roads, road construction, etc. 



Flight of Stairs                    Inside or outside building, the number of stairs leading from one                                       

                                            complete floor to the next complete floor                                                                         


Fuel Surcharge                   A charge specific to the amount of fuel used by the moving vehicle 



Gross Weight                    Weight of moving vehicle with all of the contracted for goods loaded,

                                           with a full fuel tank, and all equipment necessary for the move loaded,                                                    

                                           except the crew 


Handling In/

Handling Out Fee              A fee charged for the movement of goods from a moving vehicle into                                               

                                           storage, or removal of the same out of storage to a moving vehicle


Holidays                            Any day designated as such by either State or Federal government is a                                              

                                          legal holiday.  Any day so designated by a religion is a religious                                                       

                                          holiday.  A holiday may be a day on which a mover chooses not to                                                  

                                          offer his services (“day off”), or it may be a day on which a mover 

                                          may offer their services but at a higher rate (“working holiday”).


Household Goods             Goods normally considered part of a personal residence; abbreviated 



Insurance                          A type of coverage elected by the shipper, the charge and terms of                                                     

                                          which are determined by the mover, in conjunction with his insurance                                              

                                          carrier.  The carrier offers a particular policy, as the carrier is not                                                      

                                          licensed to sell insurance.  A certificate of insurance, sometimes 

                                          known as an advice of coverage, is issued to the shipper, stating in  

                                          brief the charges and terms of the policy.  This is a document separate 

                                          and distinct from the estimate, order for service, and bill of lading   


Inventory                          A schedule of all goods contracted for shipment  


LBS or lbs.                       US pound weight.


Long Carry                      An accessorial service provided when goods are at an extended distance                                          

                                         from the actual unloading point of the moving vehicle to the actual                                                   

                                         destination, as caused by an obstruction beyond the control of the                                                     

                                         mover, e.g., narrow street, unfinished driveway 


Moving Vehicle              Any vehicle registered with the Division of Consumer Affairs, which

                                        has been duly lettered and approved for the moving 


N/a                                  Not applicable


Net Weight                     Weight of a moving vehicle as determined by the subtraction of the                                                  

                                        tare weight from the gross weight, and verified by an official weigh 

                                        tickets, issued and signed by a weigh master.


Order for Service            A formal document required by law noting the origin and                                                      

                                        destination of the move, who is to pay for the cost of the move, with an                                             

                                        “Important Notice” receipt acknowledgment.  Once signed by the                                                    

                                        mover and the shipper it becomes the contract for the move, based                                                    

                                        upon a physical survey and a written estimate


Overnight Hold                 Goods stored on a moving vehicle overnight in lieu of a formal storage



PBO                                  Goods that have been packed-by-owner     


Packing/Unpacking           An accessorial service involving the packing and unpacking of the 

                                           goods by the mover, at the point of origin and point of destination     


Point of Destination          Location at which the goods are unloaded


Point of Origin                  Location at which the goods are loaded


Portal-to-Portal                 Travel time as determined from when the moving vehicle leaves its                                                   

                                           regular base to the point of origin, and when the move is completed,                                                

                                           from the point of destination to when the moving vehicle returns to its                                              

                                           regular base.  This includes travel time from point of origin to                                                           

                                           point of destination


Regular Time                   Monday through Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM.  Also known as straight                                               



Special Commodities       Goods which are classified as neither household goods nor office                                                      

                                         goods; specifically defined by the Public Movers & Warehousemen                                            

                                         Licensing Act   


Standard Valuation           This type of coverage is the minimum required by state law.  It is                      

                                          calculated at $1.00 per pound per article, regardless of the article’s                                               

                                          original retail value, current resale value, or intrinsic or personal                                                

                                          worth.  Even if higher valuation coverage has been elected                                             

                                          by the shipper, if the cost of the damages is less than the stated                                                        

                                          deductible, standard valuation is applied as it is always in effect.                                                       

                                          Standard valuation is a limitation of the mover’s liability for cargo                                                   

                                          damage, rather than a coverage policy per se.  There is never any cost                                               

                                          to the shipper for this type of coverage.  This type of coverage must be                                             

                                          duly noted on the estimate, order for service, and the bill of lading.                                                   

                                          Standard valuation is also known as statutory minimum liability,                                                       

                                          standard release rate, release value, released value, and basic value                                               


Tare Weight                      Weight of an unloaded moving vehicle, with a full fuel tank and all                                                  

                                          equipment necessary for the contracted move, without driver and                                                      

                                          crew on board, prior to formal weighing at a State certified scale 


Third Party                       A person or entity, other than the mover, who provides services                                                         

                                          requested by the shipper, through an arrangement with the mover.  A 

                                          third party lacking its own license must provide its service under the 

                                          authority of the licensed mover and cannot charge the shipper directly 


Travel Time                     The time required by a moving vehicle to proceed from the point of                                                   

                                         origin to the point of destination.  See Portal-to-Portal


Valuation                          This type of coverage is elected by the shipper, who declares a                                                           

                                          particular value on the entire shipment, or more often, on selected                                                    

                                          articles of a shipment, usually of an extraordinary resale or intrinsic                                                  

                                          value.  The charges and terms for this type of coverage are separate                                                 

                                          from other charges and terms pertaining to the contracted for move,                                                  

                                          which are determined by the mover.  This type of coverage must be                                                  

                                          noted on the order for service and the bill of lading.  This type of                                              

                                          coverage is optional for the mover, as it is not mandated by either                                                     

                                          statute or regulation.  Valuation is also known as additional valuation,                                             

                                          higher valuation, declared value, or declared valuation.    


Weight & Mileage           A determination by mileage between origin and destination, times the                                               

                                         weight of the goods, as verified by weigh tickets, and measured by a  

                                         table of break points     


Weigh Ticket                   A machine printed ticket produced by a State certified scale, and signed                                           

                                         by an authorized Weigh Master as verification.  Such a ticket denotes                                                      

                                         the tare weight and the gross weight 



 Hourly Moving:


The hourly rate begins when the moving vehicle and crew arrive at the point of origin of the contract for move, and ends when all of the goods are unloaded at the point of destination, less any scheduled breaks and/or any vehicular breakdown, plus any applicable travel time.  The standard hourly rate is from Monday to Saturday, from 9:00AM to 5:00PM.  The overtime hourly rate is any time in excess of the standard hourly rate, i.e. from 5:01PM to 8:59AM.  The holiday hourly rate follows the holiday schedule in the Rates & Charges section, from 9:00AM to 5:00PM.  All hourly rates are computed in accordance with the schedules in the Rates & Charges section


NOTE:  For goods going into storage, the hourly rate ends after all of the goods are unloaded onto the warehouse dock.  After that, warehouse rates and charges apply.  The reverse is applied for goods going out of storage


 Weight & Mileage Moving:


A weight and mileage shall be computed according to the tare weight, less the gross weight, of the moving vehicle(s), as determined either by cubic measurement or by actual weighing, as verified by weight tickets produced at a State certified weigh station, plus the mileage between the point of origin and point of destination.  The shipper is permitted to be present at the time of weighing, and will be supplied with a copy of the weigh tickets, upon final payment, if specifically requested




Before the actual start of the unloading of a shipment weighed at origin, and after the shipper is informed of the billing weight and total charges, the shipper may request a re-weigh.  The charges will then be based upon the difference between the gross weight and the tare of the shipment.  A charge of $ 290.00 will be applied for this service.



Travel Time Mileage: 


                         0     -   5     miles     ½ hour        


                         6     -   10   miles     1 hour


                         11   -   25   miles     1 ½ hour


                         26   -   50   miles     2 hours                        


                         51   -   75   miles     2 ½ hours


                         76   -   100 miles     3 hours


Each additional 25 miles, or part thereof:  ½ hour 


 Extra Stops & Pick-Ups :


Any stop for a pick or delivery, in addition to traveling from the point of origin to the final destination, will be charged $2.70 per mile and $1.78 per minute.  


 Waiting Time:


The Shipper shall meet the assigned moving crew/diver on the agreed date/time and location, wait time charges at a rate of  $145 per hour/up to 2 hours will apply to the total cost of the moving service or delivery. After a two (2) hours maximum waiting time,The carrier may proceed to move the goods into a nearby warehouse or self storage facility, The Shipper understands and agrees that additional charges will apply to the estimate/Bill Of Lading  total cost, if the Carrier has to reschedule/redeliver the items, charges will also apply for mileage, fuel, charges for purchasing and/or renting any additional handling materials and equipment. 


  Toll Charges:


 All tolls will be charged back to the shipper. 


 Governing References:


The method used by the carrier of mileage between origin and destination of the move, will be either GPS attached to the carriers moving vehicles on by using 



 Holidays (non-working)


New Year’s Day                                            Independence Day


  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day                          Labor Day


  Good Friday                                                   Election Day


Easter Sunday                                                Veteran’s Day 


 Memorial Day                                                Thanksgiving Day  


  Passover                                                          Christmas Day


Payment Policy: 


 The carrier requires a valid debit/credit card on file (after signing the moving contract) for collecting deposits, charge service fees, and payments. Payments can be made using a debit card or credit card, VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS or  DISCOVER.              


Deposit & Refund Policy


up to 100% percent of the estimate or service total may be required prior to starting any work or delivery process. Any remaining balance for the delivery/moving services is due (upon receipt) prior to unloading the delivery vehicle/container or prior to starting/completing any service.


Cancellation Policy:


Cancellation fees will not exceed thirty eight (38%) percent of the service total deposits, if The Shipper?Customer cancels any online booking within seven (7) days after booking any services. Payments and deposits are not refundable if the shipper/Customer  cancels any bookings after seven (7) days from the date and time of the online booking. Any agreed refunds from Boxin Moving will be refunded within 40 business days, payable in a form of a check or may returned back to the same card that was used to the process the payment(s). 


 Standard Discounts:


The carrier offers new customers up to (10%) percent off the total cost of any move; students; senior citizens; healthcare and public workers; law enforcement public safety and first responders; food and agriculture workers, non-profit; military; transportation and logistics; religious organization, are eligible for discounts, upon providing proof of the same. 




Standard valuation  covers goods while in transit, in the truck/container, while being handled by the movers and in the process of loading, unloading, packing and unpacking. This coverage is free and based on weight, paying  $1.00 per pound/per item/article. 


Higher Valuation is a type of additional coverage selected by the shipper,  also known as additional valuation, declared value, or declared valuation. This type of coverage is elected by the shipper, who declares the particular value on the entire shipment.  or on selected items of a shipment, usually of an extraordinary resale. Additional Valuation Insurance may be purchased through one of The Carrier’s authorized independent moving insurance agencies: maximum of  hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00) for up to fifteen thousand ($15,000) dollars of  additional valuation coverage, maximum of three hundred dollars ($300.00) for up to twenty five thousand ($25,000)  dollars of  additional valuation coverage and a maximum of five hundred dollars ($500,00) for up to fifty thousand ($50,000) dollars of  additional valuation coverage. 




 Infestation: any household goods transported by the carrier which have been infested with ants, termites, cockroaches, bed bugs, or any dangerous or disease bearing insect, as a result of the condition of the shipper’s premises, either at the origin or the destination, the carrier reserves the right to refuse shipment of such goods. 




 Fumigation:  any household goods transported by the carrier, infested with ants, termites, cockroaches, bed bugs, or any dangerous or disease bearing insect, as a result of the condition of the shipper’s premises, either at origin or destination, and the same having infested the moving vehicle as a result of the move, all costs resulting from any necessary fumigation of the vehicle will be charged back to the shipper.  


Impractical Operations:


The carrier is not liable for the move, storage, or delivery, when any of the following impede or otherwise make impractical the same: acts of God, including any natural, geological, or meteorological occurrence or disaster; any acts of war, declared or undeclared; any civil disturbances, including insurrection, rebellion, riot; any labor dispute, strike or lockout; any act of state or federal government regarding nationalization, sanction, embargo, or blockade; any act of foreign invasion or hostilities; any act of terrorism; any failure or interruption of a public utility or Internet service; severely inclement weather; any inadequate or unsafe road, highway, street, or driveway conditions, or major construction or repair of the same or any major delays or detours arising therefrom; any failure or interruption of ferry, tunnel, or bridge service; any major access obstructions; the presence of any hazardous or dangerous materials; and any situations where the moving crew is or might be personally endangered or threatened with physical harm.


                                                                   Accessorial  Services


 Articles:  Extraordinary Value:


Items of extraordinary value, as defined by contract law, including but not limited to, jewelry, specie, documented antiques of any type, documented artwork of any type, will not be moved and/or stored, unless accompanied by specific proof of insurance for the same. 


  Articles:  Conditionally Restricted:   


 Perishable foods requiring refrigeration; plants over 12 lbs; any tools/machines, unless the fuel has been emptied by the shipper


Articles:   Completely Restricted:      


Any species of exotic and domestic animals; hazardous materials; explosives; live ammunition; firearms and weapons of any type.


Overnight Hold:


No overnight hold shall exceed three nights. 


 Assembly & Disassembly:


The carrier will assemble/disassemble standard beds, mirrors from dressers and legs from dining room tables


 Packing & Unpacking:


 Packing or charges at a rate of $150.00 per hour/per two movers for packing goods at the point of origin and/or point of destination, 4 hours minimum charge, not including any charges for packing materials. 




The shipper is responsible to pay for descriptive name, identification number, instructions, cautions, weight, specification, or UN marks, or combinations thereof, required on boxes/packaging of hazardous materials or dangerous goods. 


 Appliance Servicing / Electrical & Mechanical 


The carrier will not disconnect and reconnect appliances, electromechanical devices such as washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, telivisions or reconnect gas and water. , e.g electric lines.



The Carrier will use a system of ropes, cables, or chains employed to support and carry certain items or equipment down from a balcony, roof, etc. Charge of $300.00 will apply.    


Long Carry


When the carrier has to carry goods more than 20 feet, measuring from the transportation vehicle/container to the Shipper’s unloading/loading dock or door steps. 


Stair Carry


The standard rate will apply to carrying goods from: 10 to: 12 steps, depending on the floor spacing or 10 feet increase in elevation that constitutes a flight of stairs.  If the carrier/movers don't have access to a working elevaotr and have to carry the goods up a flight of stairs, charges of $300 will apply


Conditionally Restricted Premises / Access & Reservation


 A designated parking space(s) reserved by the shipper for the carrier can park the truck, access to an elevator, stairway, and/or dock, e.g to load and unload the goods.                                                               


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